As a leader in direct-to-consumer, business to business and retail direct marketing, OSP is proud to work with several globally recognized Fortune companies across the world to provide customer acquisition while offering unlimited entrepreneurial development to our team of emerging leaders.

We are driven by our purpose, our people and our clients to provide bottom line results & success.

What Our Team Says

If your looking to take things to the next level and receive the support that a family would give. This is your opportunity. Don’t let it pass you up. The people you’ll work with are Amazing and this will be a life changing experience.

One Source Provider is a wonderful company; with high standards, core values, beliefs and integrity- which is so important in business now of days. OSP is a newer marketing vendor, but you will see quickly it raise to the top! I am thankful to be apart of such a quality, family oriented and professional business.

Most powerful organization I have ever been part of. Grateful to have the opportunity to grow an exciting future with.

One Source is s great company to work for. They go above and beyond for their entrepreneurs and they give you all the necessary tools to make it!

OSP has given me an opportunity of a lifetime. It’s really nice working for people who are so supportive and care about seeing you succeed. It’s a merit based business so you can make a whole lot of money and it’s also a management training program where you can develop yourself and learn how to run an office. I’ve been on multiple business trips in different states and even qualified for a Top Performer Retreat in Cancun, Mexico a couple months ago. If you’re looking for a place with a family vibe where hard work gets noticed and rewarded, OSP is the place for you!

#MyOSP is not only the biggest opportunity I’ve ever had but also the best decision I’ve ever made!! From management development programs to mentor ship to support and overall a family!!! OSP OFFERS IT ALL AND ITS ALL WAITING HERE FOR YOU!!

My time with OSP has been LIFE CHANGING. Since starting with the company, I have developed immensely, not only professionally but personally. The opportunity and resources they have provided has made a great impact in my life. Thank you #myOsp for helping EVOLVE MY FUTURE!

If you get the opportunity to join the OSP family, TAKE IT !

One source provider has presented the opportunity to change the entire way I view life. The development and mentorship is like no other!

I recommend O.S.P because the things I learned is it has family atmosphere, passion for self motivation, opportunities to grow.

In this company when you walk in you feel the family warmth and self-pride this company has. When I seen the family atmosphere I knew this company is a supportive of families, co-workers talk to each other like family. The passion is so strong you can fail and get back up and say look I’ll do better I have that support at work. The opportunity here is phenomenal you are in control on the pace of how quick you promote and you learn a lot along the way.

OSP has given me the opportunity to not only grow in my professional career, but grow as a person. They give you everything you need when it comes to development, how to manage yourself, time, money.
I’ve never had as much support in any other field that I’ve worked in. If you want to grow, become successful, and become the best version of you, OSP is the place to be.

OSP is more than just an organization, it is a family. OSP is dedicated to growth and that includes the growth of its people. Team members are given many opportunities for development and training and employee success is tied to the success of the organization overall. There is a strong focus on supporting one another, working hard, and having many opportunities to play and celebrate!

Quite honestly there is no other opportunity like it, starting the business and where I am today is entirely evolved and different. it’s unique and forward thinking. It will change your life for the better.